What to Expect

We at SRUMC believe that worshipping regularly together is a great gift. Each of our services is different in size and in style, but one thing remains constant: worshipping God while building communities of Christian love and service.

Our early worship service (8:00am) is small-ish and intimate. We sing and pray together, hear the scriptures and a sermon, and then gather around the communion table for the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. We generally hold hands as we share any joys or concerns out loud, and Pastor Dawn leads us all in prayer. Then, Pastor Dawn and Pastor Becky serve Holy Communion. We use grape juice and bread or gluten free wafers. This all may sound a little bit intimidating to a newcomer, but fear not! We were all new once, too, and you will be greeted with smiles and welcome, and explanations of anything unfamiliar to you.

Our later service (9:30am) is cheerful and full. We sing traditional songs (which you may never have heard before! but they have been sung for generations and we love them) and also a smattering of newer songs now and then. We pray for each other, hear the scriptures and a sermon, enjoy our choir and/or our bell choir, celebrate our mission and ministries, and share Holy Communion once per month. Because we offer our amazing Sunday School during this service, we are full of the presence of children, teenagers, young adults and older adults. Elementary aged kids go to Sunday School after Children’s Time (about 15 minutes into the service); teenagers need the whole hour for their class (plus, they find adults incredibly boring), so they spend the whole worship hour in the classroom (Shellie, the Youth Director, will invite anyone new to follow her back to the classroom at the beginning of worship.) If you need help finding the nursery, or quiet toys for your little ones, or the restrooms, or anything else, ask one of our greeters and they will be glad to help.

Our Saturday evening service (second Saturday of every month, 5:30pm) is our newest service. It is a very simple and down-to-earth service that is focused on prayer, scripture, and soft, repetitive music in the spirit of Taize. We pray for each other, our church, our world and ourselves for hope and healing. We end with a service of Holy Communion (don’t let that worry you if you have never experienced Holy Communion…it’s very simple, we will explain everything, and we think you will find it beautiful). We used to meet in homes, but find that we like being in the worship space of the church much better. Wander in any time, we would love to have you.

For children under 5, loving and experienced childcare is available during all services. But children of all ages are welcome to stay in worship if they or their parents prefer. We love them, and we know that you do, too.

We are a jeans and tshirts kind of crowd, and also a slacks and dress shirt kind of crowd. Basically, you can dress however you feel like it! Some of us bring Bibles with us, but most don’t; if you’d like one, we have MANY to give.

You are bound to have other questions, so do not hesitate to ask the one of the pastors, the folks who greet you at the door, anyone who makes an announcement you find interesting, or anyone who happens to be walking by, and they will be glad to help.

Whoever you are and wherever you are on your faith journey, we hope that you find a spiritual home here. Call anytime, and see you on Sunday!